I am a fan, I simply love both designs, BRAVO Áine!
We will produce these pieces!!!!! Thank you for your work, I am impressed!
— Michael Wagner, Président/CEO Charles Paris, Interior Jewelry Since 1908
You are one of earth’s most glorious Wayfinders; I’m so blessed you found your way to our Tribe. xoxo
— Martha Beck, New York Times bestselling author and columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine
[after reviewing an interior design project] I took a notebook to write down everything I didn’t like. Look, it’s empty! I liked everything!
— HH Sheikha Manal bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Daughter of the Ruler of Dubai
..but Áine you don’t realise, no one else saw that; not the architect or realtor. Wow, with your layout, I don’t even want to sell!
— private interior design client, Boston, USA

"...LOVE your artwork, you've got an incredible ability for creative design which I love and respect" - Denis G.


"Your work, no, your creations are so truly exquisite I can hardly breathe! ;) <3"  - Tara R.


"Áine, you have a gift for gifts, packaging, pleasure, surprise, delight - all those things. I can't wait to see how you work it into your next business...xoxo" - Anne D.”


“I’m loving your sketches. All of them. Breathtaking.” - Marion L.


“You are so talented! What amazing designs! Love these colors/textures.” - Devin G.


“Can I just say how thrilled I am to see the artwork you've been sharing Áine? Who knew?” - Amy S.


“I love these!” - Christa G.


“Áine this is amazing forgot how brilliant your art is, there is a market out there for such talent. I'd be your first customer xx” - Anita K.


“Amazing” - Robin R.


“Absolutely gorgeous your creativity is on fire.” - Catherine G.O.


“Flat out gorgeous!” - Betsy R.


“Gorgeous feather art. I can almost feel the softness..” - Kathy O.


“That is so beautiful ... I would get that as a tattoo.” - Kathy K.


“Oh, so beautiful! I love ink..” - Susan V.


“This. Is. Phenomenally brilliant. Love. Let me know when they get made. I want.” - Tia F.


“Love it! And I imagine the process of making it was really lovely as well…” - Aimée P.


“OMG Áine! These are amazing. So thinking about our walk & talk there. Love what your eye sees” - Jane Ann M.


“Thanks for adding me into your creative world.” - Jill T.S.


“You have such a lovely sense of style. So unique and elegant. I will always remember the day you advised me to put two pashimas of different, yet complimentary colors, together instead of wearing just one. I got so many compliments with that combination! You see between the lines!” - Elaine M.E.


“My lovely friend in Ireland, Áine Atara-MacDermott is so talented. An interior architect and pre-design strategist, she has a special relationship to and with space, be it in a room, or in this post, on a page, drawing… If you need pre-design advice, you only need to refer to her impressive and extensive client list to know you're in good hands. Or you can just take my word for it too. Like me, she sees that art is indeed, everything. And you don't need to be in Ireland to access her skills!” - Lynn F.


“Your drawings are so lovely and meditative. Xoxo” - Layla F.


“Love your style. I'll be in touch” - Pamela C.


“Wow - congratulations! Amazing work - amazing site - amazing Aine!” - Anne G.


“That is so very cool. Way to blend and weave together your passions, training, and calling.” - Nancy Jo S.


“LOVE this - you are on a hot track! Your growth astounds me.” - Kirsten C.


“I can't tell you enough how much I LOVE this!! Perfect!” - Missy H.