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Re-discover Your Creativity - Continuation; Second 2 Hour Class

  • Dorrin's Strand Strandhill, County Sligo Ireland (map)

Introducing a Saturday morning set of classes teaching contemporary watercolour techniques to open up a new world of inner creativity. This is a beginner's mind class so no experience is necessary. If you have drawn and painted before then you will also get a lot from this fun set of three 2 hour classes. The initial cost is 80 euro but after that the 2 hour classes are just 25 euros. Included in the first investment are all the materials you need to continue painting and creating at home. I have selected art materials that I use myself and I have chosen quality manufacturers (not sponsored). I have also specifically chosen these materials to be fuss and mess free. I like to have minimal set up so that I can create and draw in limited time slots. Also I like to relax and paint so these water brushes and travel sets allow you to do that from your own couch :). Here is what you will use on the day and these are yours to take away. Please bring them on the next two Saturdays too! 

After these 6 hours of instruction you will have learnt watercolour techniques, colour mixing and have enough skills to be able to continue on your own creative journey. However more classes may be offered in the future. I'll listen to feedback and see what it is you want to explore next.


Hi creatives!

I hope that you have had a lot of fun experimenting this week, I can't wait to see how you got on so please bring everything that you did this week. (If you didn’t paint, don’t worry about it.) I have a very full class for you tomorrow and it will be a wonderful chance to continue to explore your creativity.


Colour :

  • ‘Wet in Wet’ advanced - Rich transitions in colour

  • Multi colour loading

  • ‘Thick’ paint - glazing effect, dissolving effect, applying with dip pen nibs, palette knives etc

  • ‘Scumbling’

  • Fine water brush - calligraphy, fine line drawing, hatching, cross hatching

Using effects :

  • Lace effects - fabric, gauze etc

  • Sponges

  • Pushing paint - ‘wet on dry’ 

  • ‘Splattering’ - fine mists, from the brush, ‘wet on dry’ paper and paint, ‘wet in wet’

  • ‘Drip / Pour’ - theory

  • ‘Printing’ - textured plastic, fingers, etc, over and under paint

  • ‘Imprinting’ - wrapped objects, pressing into paper, indenting, creasing

  • ‘Deliberate Damage’ - erasing while wet, scratching while wet and dry

  • ‘Blowing Air’ - pipettes, straws, ‘Plein Air’ wind

  • ‘Scraping’ - knives, blunt edges, pins etc

  • Salt

  • Bleach

  • Alcohol

Working with resists :

  • Masking fluid - painted on, decanted into bottles

  • Molotov pen

  • Frog tape, masking tape

  • Post-Its

  • Wax - candles, beeswax, wax crayon

  • White gouache paint - ‘peeling’ paint effect, ‘washed out’ blurred effect  

Lifting paint :

  • erasing shields

  • Magic erasers

  • Scrubbing effects, dry and wet

  • Rolled paper towel etc

  • Paint manoeuvring to secure your place.