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+ Artist 

+ Spiritual Warrior

+ Certified Life Coach

Welcome! I'm Áine Atara and I help people love their homes and lives. I offer consultancy services that harmonise spaces using both design and energy tools.

As a professional interior designer and Feng Shui consultant I help clients with their environments so that they are empowered to wholeheartedly live an intentionally glorious life. 

We are all happier when our living and working spaces are supportive. I help this happen by aligning conscious intention with expertise in spatial design. I follow my own glorious life path too and painting abstract contemporary watercolours is a big part of how I connect to why we are all here.

I started calling what I do ‘pre-designing’ several years ago. It is born out of a real need to address a major flaw in the way built environments evolve through the design process. I kept seeing that very often people don’t get what they really dream about. I am passionate about fixing this. You see I believe all good design starts BEFORE the designer. It starts with you and your dreams for an ideal home and a wonderful life.

My background - I'm an interior architect who is passionate about creating beauty and harmony together. My focus is always on INTENTION. The intention behind everything, whether that is within built spaces or in a client's desire for holistic living.

My career includes designing palaces for Royal clients in the Middle East. I've also designed corporate interiors in Canary Wharf and The City Of London. I've held positions on the other side of the design table too; working as a client in real estate development in Abu Dhabi as head of Interior Design at Aldar PJSC. However, none of this felt as important to me as my spiritual development and connection with Nature and Source. To that end I have spent recent years refining and developing what has always called to me, energy work focused on listening to people, space, environment and land. 

My professional affiliations are as follows; I am a Registered Interior Designer at The British Institute Of Interior Design (BIID, London UK) and a Professional Member at the International Interior Design Association (IIDA, Chicago, USA). 

My formal Feng Shui training is underway and by October 2017 I will have completed a Master Feng Shui Certification Training with the International Feng Shui School, one of America's leading schools of Feng Shui. As a graduate from a Gold Level School with the International Feng Shui Guild I will be eligible to apply for assessment to gain Red Ribbon Feng Shui Professional Member status. This will be completed by November 2017.

I am also a member of the Visual Artists of Ireland (VAI, Dublin, Ireland). I believe art is vital to raising vibration. I paint contemporary watercolours with the intention that they will be uplifting and harmonising. Creating within the realms of the personal and unique results in ethereal pieces that speak to those who love nature and light. I notice my art collectors are kindred spirits who also value the sacred and numinous and they too are fascinated by our conscious human experience in the world.

People who seek my help are looking to live both beautifully and meaningfully. They seek to connect with something higher on a daily basis. They have an awareness of their inner life and want to honour it through self care and care of their built environment. They want to connect with themselves and to their loved ones. LOVE is their highest ideal.

I'm an advocate for self power and 'standing up in Light' which is my term for carrying oneself in grace and with a calm, powerful energy. After a busy international career in construction and design I now live on the Atlantic coast, in the west of Ireland. It is spectacularly scenic and magical here. I constantly marvel at the beauty in the natural world and this biophilia is the greatest inspiration for my work.

My clients tell me they experience more beauty and upliftment in their homes and spirit after working with me. They tell me that our time together helps them remember who they really are. If they are going through a tough time, art that they find beautiful and meaningful gives them solace. To have a piece especially made for them and their loved ones reminds them of why we are here in the first place; how sacred and special life itself is. This is the highest praise I can imagine and I’m honoured and blessed to be able to support you with all that I do and create.

My career includes the below built projects - I have a long career in interior design, architecture and design management. 



When creating art, my biggest teacher is light. It is the constant theme of my work and a consistent source of inspiration.

Don’t bend; don’t water it down; don’t try to make it logical; don’t edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.
— Franz Kafka

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